FREE CONTACT FORM (+905428154942)

FREE CONTACT FORM (+905428154942)

Every minute, every moment you live for your dreams. Spend a lifetime to fulfill your dreams…
And then a day comes, when you never wait, those dreams come out. That moment is the most important moment of your life. You can hug those dreams or push them backwards. You can either watch her disappear and shine like your dreams or pearls for the rest of your life.
Because the glow of a man who dreams of a dream can even be jealous of a pearl.

Perola Residences Social Areas

As you wish…

Entering the privileged world of Perola Residence does not want to go out again. With a swimming pool, cinema / DVD room, fitness room, games room and bath, Perola has social areas that everyone can enjoy from seven to seventy, and the privilege turns into a life style.

Everything is first class …

First-class materials accompany masterful workmanship in all Perola apartments. The quality that starts with the residence service at the moment you enter through the door, works up to you.

It’s easy to reach dreams here

Perola Residence is located in the most central location of Basın Ekspres. 5 km to E-5, 3 km to TEM Highway. Ataturk Airport is 6 km. Perola Residence; It is also very close to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge via North Marmara connection.

Rooms Plan

1+0 : 42.77 m2

1+1 :  60.77 m2

2+1 :  101.06 m2

FREE CONTACT FORM (+905428154942)

You are on a major intersection point with several options for easy access to any place in the Metropolitan city of Istanbul.